Anxiety-driven problem solving

Esther is a confused human being
2 min readMay 28, 2024


Over the past year, I’ve been working really hard on presence, patience, and letting things go. Let me tell you the Esther a year ago. A year ago, Esther was a whirlwind of emotions in relationships, constantly running like a 24/7 sewing machine. The intensity of her care and concern for others made her high performing, yet it led to burnout. How do people manage to not obsess over their relationship problems?

Back then, any issue would halt her life completely, consuming her mental bandwidth. Her immediate reaction was — GET THAT SHIT OUT OF MY WAY ASAP!

I coined this frantic reaction as “anxiety-driven problem solving.”

Fast forward to Esther today. I deliberately distanced myself from anxious and intense individuals and surrounded myself with present, grounded people. We delved into spirituality, and they gently highlighted my anxiety-driven approach to problem-solving. This awareness started to spark a transformation within me.

Recently, as I faced new challenges, my mind flooded with questions. Why did the other person act that way? What do they think of me? What’s wrong? My mind buzzed with worries, urging me to reach out, explain, and resolve. I felt my energy draining away without my consent, pushing me to take immediate action to soothe the discomfort and tackle the hot taro in my hand.

But instead, I turned to meditation and yoga. My mind cleared, and I observed those uncomfortable thoughts come and go. And then it hit me:

“Oh, that discomfort is just another sensation. Today is just another day of practice.”